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List of Reporter app questions

So in late August I purchased the Reporter app conceived of by Nicholas Felton, the guy responsible for those awesome Annual Reports visualising a year's worth of personal data from Felton's own life. The idea of the app is super appealing to me, not least because it promises to illuminate aspects of my life I might not otherwise be conscious of. Additionally, though, I just like collecting things. I mean, this whole website is a collection of lists, which are in themselves collections of things.

How it works, basically, is that several times during the day, as well as just after you wake up, and just before you go to bed, the app buzzes you, asking you a list of questions, which you answer honestly. Over time, these answers accumulate to form a dataset, which you may analyse to figure things out about yourself, or plot into cool looking charts or diagrams or whatever. The app itself comes with a list of preset questions, but you're free to customise them, which I have done. This page is basically a list of all the questions I have the app asking me, sorted according to when those questions appear. Questions marked with a * get asked on more than one type of occasion.

Questions I get asked upon waking up:

Questions I get asked during the day:

Questions I get asked before I go to bed:

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